I am still alive and relatively well! I have never stopped my reading about things that fight cancer particularly prostate cancer. I have not been writing  for two reasons: I cant stand this WordPress “format” that I picked and secondly hardly a single person after over 16000 ‘views’ left a comment that didnt belong in the SPAM box. There is a whole world out there full of anti cancer phytonutrients. Some of them grow, literally, in your own backyard. I KNOW cancer diagnosis is a major blow to one’s life, but it amazes me how many people visit here take away a ton of info and yet cannot even post a thumbs up meme. I wish you all well, and who knows what the future may bring! No problem exists without a solution.


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Provenge starts in a month

Got the phone call today that I will begin Provenge treatments in approximately one month. Sucks having cancer.

I will have one needle in one arm and a second in the other. It takes four hours to collect enough white blood cells to send to New Jersey Dendreon. Three days later there will be one needle in one arm. It will take two hours to get those treated blood cells back.

Having cancer sucks.

Would I have changed my eating habits decades ago? Would I have used less plastic in the microwave? Would I have eaten more fruit and less junk food?

What do you think?

Having cancer sucks.

I have created this blog for a number of reasons, one though should affect you: I created it for your benefit as well.

A lot of you come here looking for the ONE SINGLE MAGIC BULLET that will cure your cancer. You will try any (one) thing.

For a lot of us …..it may be too late.


But one single bullet may not exist.

I have found (so far) close to four HUNDRED phytonutrients that have been shown in more than just one clinical study to have a distinct clear effect upon prostate cancer. Some of them are described here.

Give yourself a BETTER chance to fight cancer. Dont wait for that phone call like I got: “Mr Miller are you sitting down?”

be well,


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I suppose one could experiment on humans (as I am about to be experimented on in a clinical study). Or one could use a stand in, like a mouse or a rat, especially since they are a lot less vocal about conditions of captivity and a lot less clever at escaping.

If you are really interested in experimental research you’d probably also want a species that bred quickly, reliably and consistently. White would be nice. Maybe a wide head, long ears, tail length shorter than its body length and throw in a fairly mild and gentle nature. THAT is the Wistar Rat. It is one of the more popular laboratory animals. It was developed at the Wistar Institute in 1906. Many strains of laboratory rats were developed from the original Wistar colony. Frankly I am really glad that ‘they’ are going to use a virus/innoculant on me that had been developed first in rats. (They did didnt they?) Other notes of interest on this rat: My wife had one as a pet.

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Just passing through?


Did the idea that a glass of water is a lost opportunity to fight cancer catch your attention?

Did the idea that there may not be a SINGLE sure cure to STOP or PREVENT cancer make you wonder?

Did the idea that changing your lifestyle from top to toes might if not stop your cancer at least make your time healthier?

Are you still engaging in the very habits that might have contributed to your cancer, like the guy at my senior center who continues to smoke, or my brother in law who continued to drink and smoke to the end with bladder cancer?

Were you one of the people that got on the Laetrile train?

Have you lost weight?

Do you know what the Mediterranean Diet is? Or the Japanese diet or the Greek diet before 1960?

Are you one of those people who throw all faith into the hands of their oncologist and “let him worry about it”?

Do you read articles similar to “Five Super Foods to Fight Cancer”?

Do you eat your broccoli?

TALK TO ME PEOPLE! I AM HERE FOR YOU (and me)! GIVE ME SOME IDEA WHAT GETS TO YOU, MOVES YOU, MAKES…YOU..THINK..!! I will try my darndest to be positive. I have NO interest in chastising or criticism! Helping YOU helps ME! I am just as tired discouraged worried and yes scared as you are. But there is something so fascinating about the new techniques and drugs that are being trialed. There is something so fascinating about the idea that some of the very things that can help you (and me) fight our cancer are waiting in, quite literally, our backyards.






EACH time I go to the oncologist it is like having a reunion with reality. The time away I can forget for a few moments that I have cancer. Not just any old cancer but stage four incurable cancer. For a few moments I can forget that no one knows when or if this will ‘catch up with me’. In a previous post I mentioned that I had virtually no symptoms other than a rise in PSA. Now I have symptoms of the medications that I’ve taken and been on. Two years of anemia. Numerous transfusions, sometimes it has clearly felt that the “cure” is worse than the disease. Throughout all this a few friends, the support of my community and Reiki have helped me to just barely keep my head above the water.

Utterly baffling and puzzling to me have been my contacts with the medical community. They have ranged from the intuitive and intelligent to the unconcerned and stupid. The last two years have been a process from a dead start to at least comprehending that there are methods of working WITH some, not all, of the doctors I have had.

Many times I’ve felt that given my stage 4 position in the ‘measure’ of cancers, that I am in the minds of some doctors a “throw away patient”. Unspoken. Seriously, what more can they do and does it matter, he’ll be dead …in a few moments…. it has felt like a dance that they have seen so many times before.

I’ve watched my life change beyond imagination. Good ways and not so good and yet my living room, my books, my car, my bed the same as before. I am not the same.

There is no physical cause to my pain.

At this point one might expect that some message of hope and light would be inserted here. I do not have one. I could come up with one but I dont feel like it. And perhaps that is the point, that I dont feel like it.

I have not lost my way. The road signs and path blazes are clearer than ever. I still walk, perhaps slower, down the well marked trail.

I read a comment by someone else undergoing a serious illness “I dont want to die, but I have no energy left to fight”.

The routine gets to one, the road signs are of direction. “Make a left at the next intersection for the Land of Hope”? No. Take your medicine, time’s up.

I have not given up. The deep need to persist in searching for something better remains, I just dont fully understand yet.

Tomorrow is another day and I still dont understand …will there be answers?


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ALMOST LIKE SCIENCE FICTION, EXCEPT IT ISN’T. Ligands are special molecules that bind to cell surfaces. If you could design one that would recognize several “markers” on a cancer cell’s surface and then bind to it and become absorbed INTO the cell wouldn’t that be a good thing especially if it were attached to a cancer cell killing dose of docetaxel?

A team of researchers comprised of members from Brigham and Womens Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital did just that. They handpicked a ligand that they could link to a bit of docetaxel. Normal cells were ‘ignored’ by the ligand but cancer cells were not. They also selected ligands that would be particularly ‘tasty’ to the prostate cancer cells. This was all done with compounds of nano-particle size. The ligands attach, are absorbed and then release a killing dose of docetaxel. What could be more precise or perfect?

maybe avoiding cancer altogether?
eat and live wisely,
my best wishes for you

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ONE OF MY EARLIEST POSTS HERE WAS ON THE PHYTONUTRIENT LUTEOLIN. It was stated that Luteolin was able to fight androgen independent prostate cancer by blocking IGF. Here is another study published internationally by Korean researchers showing luteolin does almost the same thing with colon cancer. That it “was able to block the secretion of IGF-II” within colon cancer cells and that “within two hours decreased the about of receptor (IGF-IR) precursor protein”. Luteolin inhibited IGF-I and several cell signaling pathways which are activated by IGF-I: “PI3K, Akt, and ERK1/2 and CDC25c. Blocking these pathways stops cancer cells from dividing and leads to cell death.”

To find out how to add more luteolin to your diet, read the post “Luteolin”. It might be found by ‘searching’ for “luteolin” and scrolling down to the “older posts” button and clicking on that.

best of health to all

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RECENT RESEARCH HAS SHOWN THAT “SEVERE” FASTING COMBINED WITH CHEMOTHERAPY IS ‘DOUBLY’ EFFECTIVE in fighting cancer. The report in Science Translational Medicine stated that in a mouse format five of eight tested cancer types “responded to fasting alone”.

These extreme fasting “cycles” were found to be more effective with chemo than chemo alone. Fasting plus chemo cured 20% of mice with a highly aggressive form of childrens cancer while chemotherapy by itself cured none.

The fasting cycle seems according to the article to consist of fasting two days before and one day after chemotherapy treatment. I was unable to determine to my satisfaction that this was indeed the fasting cycle used in the mice. In another study it was shown that fasting also reduced side effects from chemotherapy. As to whether a human patient should try fasting at this point, is somewhat undecided by the research community. While it was suggested that there should be no obstacles to a patient discussing the use of fasting combined with chemotherapy with their oncologist it was also pointed out that for patients who have already been severely weakened, it would not be a good idea to attempt fasting.

There were mixed results among the cancers tested. One cancer regained its ability to grow after just one cycle. It was clear that the fasting technique did for the most part result in greater survival.

I believe from what I’ve read that cancer(s) are rather specific in their environmental and “nutrition” needs. This report fits in with what I’ve learned and demonstrates one more cancer vulnerability among many.

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ONE OF THE PHYTONUTRIENTS THAT  I RESEARCHED AND PERSONALLY TAKE IS GRAPE SEED EXTRACT. More than one study has supported its use as a possible inhibitor of cancer. In this case reported recently in the peer reviewed journal “Carcinogenesis” it was shown once again how a simple available phytonutrient could be both effective and benign.

In a mouse model it was shown that Grape Seed Extract (GSE) in a “rather dramatic effect” killed head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cancers while healthy cells were unaffected.  The article discussed how cancer cells are not only fast growing but that they are “necessarily  fast growing” possibly because the unique conditions in which they can grow at an accelerated rate EXIST. When those conditions change or cease to exist cancer cells DIE. It was indicated that there are many ways to create conditions that affect the environment that cancer cells live in and as well the internal environment. I have come across close to 400+ phytonutrients which through various ways affect cancer cells, GSE is just ONE more!

This report clarified in my own mind what I have been doing with these phytonutrients in my own well being and care. I have been creating an environment through EVERY TOOL AT MY DISPOSAL that my cancer cells will find it difficult to live in. Why, WHY! shoot one arrow into your target? Why rely ONLY on the chemical your doctor prescribes? Why rely ONLY on (of all things) something like laetrile? And NOT change your diet, your lifestyle or outlook?

The Grape Seed Extract was shown to inhibit the cancer cells by damaging their DNA “via increased reactive oxygen species” and by interfering with a few of “the pathways that allow repair…of [DNA] by decreased levels of ..repair molecules Brca1, Rad51 and DNA repair foci”.

The article summed it up so succinctly “cancer cells have a lot of defective pathways and they are very vulnerable if you target those pathways. The same is not true of healthy cells”

Cancer cells MUST have ‘defective pathways’ otherwise they wouldnt be cancer cells. Interfering with those vulnerabilities, Achille’s tendons, is something that anyone can do with simple small casual easy changes.

While I would not suggest buying SEEDED grapes and chewing up any seeds (one would get a higher amount of dietary fiber) present and swallowing, supplements are very readily available!

The weight of just one feather, the pressure of just one small change might inhibit cancer by itself alone.

Eat smart, eat wisely

live well


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ONCE AGAIN MILK HAS BEEN IMPLICATED IN CAUSING CANCER. This time prostate cancer. A study of men born between1903 and 1937 indicated that daily milk consumption during the childhood and adolescence years was associated with a higher incidence of prostate cancer later in life.  This study was recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. It went on to say that daily milk consumption would more likely result in death from prostate cancer. Two thousand two hundred men were included in the study.
Again one of those small changes that one can make that will delay, inhibit, prevent, cancer is reducing the consumption of milk products. Switch to Soy Milk, or soy cheeses, and soy based yogurts. I know how hard it is to cut out milk, especially aged cheeses pizza and yogurt. You dont have to have lactose intolerance to have common sense. CUT OUT THE MILK!!


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Have you ever noticed how a word sometimes comes to mean a whole new class of things like, Kleenex, or the crapper, or phrases like “you bug me”, or “the computer has a bug in it”? What is it about a company that is allowed to do and act as irresponsibly, callously as Monsanto and its “ilk”.

When I see an article about Monsanto in some part of the world, I just assume they’ve done something terribly offensive again. I have yet to be wrong, at least in the articles I do see.

Here is another report on a company that is changing our food, our environment our lives in ways that cannot be considered good for us, though good for its’ own bottom line. From India this time and I quote directly:

In an unprecedented decision, India’s National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), a government agency, declared legal action against Monsanto (and their collaborators) for accessing and using local eggplant varieties to develop their Bt genetically engineered version1 without prior approval of the competent authorities, which is considered an act of “biopiracy.””

One does not have to have a prolonged study of ethics and morality to find deep down within a gut kind of outrage at this behavior. Any other company individual or animal that behaved similarly would be considered [you fill in the blank].

ps. What does this have to do with cancer? Those who consume a diet that is natural and normal (for paleolithic man) tend to be healthier. What happens when the majority of foods that are consumed in the Standard American Diet (SAD) are not only unnatural but genetically unnatural as well? Do you need to be told?

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ACCORDING TO BLOOMBERG NEWS THE BUSY BEES OVER AT THE FDA HAVE APPROVED all of 30 new drugs for the entire year of 2011. In the year 2010 they approved a total of 21 new drugs and the highest ever was in 2004, all of 36.

While I am tempted to use such words as “whopping” “big” and “humongous” I am a little hesitant. I remember what it was like to be an employee in the US Government and it truly may be a major accomplishment to have approved 30 new pharmaceutical drug applications last year. Until a moment ago I had no idea how many or how few drugs actually got FDA approval. Now I know and whether it is too much or too little there remains something unsettling about it. There are people dying because some chemical, compound or phytonutrient that has been “discovered” in some formal study is not only awaiting approval but simply waiting to be put through a series of formal trials, in other words waiting for some sugar daddy to come up with 250 million dollars.  There are thousands of papers and abstracts gathering dust.

Thirty drugs a year, how does that make you feel?



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ACCORDING TO THE RESULTS OF A STUDY INVOLVING 12,600 INDIVIDUALS  recently reported in the “Mayo Clinic Proceedings” low vitamin D levels have been linked to depression. The researchers found a “significant” association.

One sees all kinds of studies and reports and sometimes they are expansive and sometimes they are very limited. It was annoying that the writers refused to discuss whether supplements would help those diagnosed with depression or how much is considered a healthy intake. It was like saying “we found why the elderly tend to have more broken bones” and leaving it at that.

The report also added: “they [low vitamin D levels]  already are accepted as risk factors for a number of other medical problems: autoimmune diseases; heart and vascular disease; infectious diseases; osteoporosis; obesity; diabetes; certain cancers; and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, and general cognitive decline”

What is “acceptable” cognitive decline? What is acceptable” osteoporosis? What is acceptable vitamin D supplementation? Just as with osteoporosis it is common knowledge to consume more calcium rich foods and if necessary to take supplements. The question remains “How much do I take?” and no government agency can tell you what you need personally and specifically. The best they can do are general guidelines that might keep symptoms at bay.

Some knowledgeable sources are indicating that even 3000 mg might not be enough. If you dont ‘get out’ enough during the day I am sure something, even too low, is better than none at all.

See the list of sources for Vitamin D, one of the companies listed is currently having a buy two get three free sale.

best of health


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SMALL PIECES OF RNA are turning up more frequently in studies that seek the cause of cancer or seek ways of inhibiting the disease. One particular piece of RNA is found at “abnormally high levels” in many liver cancer cases. Researchers at Ohio State University and the Mayo Clinic made a similar almost mirror image molecule which in animal studies seemed to block the action of microRNA-221. According to Science Daily (Jan 3, 2012). Mouse xenografts of liver cancer were treated with the new “anti-sense” molecule and results “significantly prolonged the animal’s lives and promoted the activity of important tumor suppressor genes”.


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Indirectly related to cancer yet at the same time so utterly involved with the research process, I could not help but post a note about our tax dollars being….wasted? The implications of research done with American tax money and remaining unpublished, the implications of “peer review journals” as a mode of publication are astounding. Why even bother and if my tax dollars are spent on these NIH funded studies that never made it to publication, shouldnt I STILL BE ABLE TO READ THE RESULTS SOMEPLACE if not “peer review journals”?
I am angry that there is a mass of data and research “out there” that just simply will never see daylight.
Here is the report from Science Daily abbreviated:

“ScienceDaily (Jan. 3, 2012) — In a study that investigates the challenges of disseminating clinical research findings in peer-reviewed biomedical journals, Yale School of Medicine researchers have found that fewer than half of a sample of trials primarily or partially funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were published within 30 months of completing the clinical trial.
“When research findings are not disseminated, the scientific process is disrupted and leads to redundant efforts and misconceptions about clinical evidence,” said Dr. Joseph Ross, first author of the study and a Yale assistant professor of medicine. “Such inaction undermines both the trial in question and the evidence available in peer-reviewed medical literature. This has far-reaching implications for policy decisions, and even institutional review board assessments of risks and benefits associated with future research studies.””


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GOT YOUR ATTENTION DIDNT I? I will not go into discussion of the two dozen plus serious problems Monsanto causes humans to begin with, no just this one:

At concentrations below government guidelines (are you at all surprised?) it has a clear and tested effect upon fertility in males. as follows:

“In a disturbing new study published last month (Dec. 2011) in the Journal of Toxicology in Vitro, researchers found that Monsanto’s popular “weed killer” known as Roundup, which has already been linked to over 25 adverse health effects, is also capable of interfering with and/or harming the male reproductive system.

Researchers tested Roundup, a glyphosate-based herbicide, on mature rat testicular cells at a concentration range between 1 and 10,000 ppm, which they described as “the range in some human urine and in environment to agricultural levels.” They found that within 1 to 48 hours of Roundup exposure testicular (Leydig) cells were damaged or killed.

What is more disturbing is that even at a lower, presumably “non toxic” concentration of 1 ppm of Roundup, or glyphosate by itself, testosterone concentrations were observed to decrease by 35%.”

Got a canister of Roundup that you’ve used to deal with some troublesome weeds in the yard? Thought you washed your hands well enough? At 1 ppm I doubt anyone could wash their hands “clean enough”. Certainly not Monsanto executives…

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Who knew? A lot of researchers knew that VITAMIN C fights cancer. Not only does it fight cancer but it works synergisticly with several other nutrients. How many of us take a little ‘extra’ VITAMIN C? How many of us take a little extra VITAMIN K3 or supplements that have health promoting TOCOPHEROLS?

I am almost regularly asking my kids if they’ve taken their VITAMIN C. Usually it is after they’ve come down with a cold or a breakout of blemishes. The answer is usually “no”. Forty years ago, plus or minus, I was sitting in my fathers’ dental office reading a newsletter at his desk when I came across an article on VITAMIN C and how attaining (and keeping) certain levels in the blood stream activated white blood cells.

A recent study seemed to indicate that very high levels of VITAMIN C in the blood stream had a clear and significant effect on cancer. These levels were higher than attainable through oral supplementation, unfortunately. The levels were attained by injection. It also was fascinatingly clear that VITAMIN C levels AFTER the “industrial revolution” were far lower than prior to it. It was estimated that the AVERAGE diet before canned, processed foods, contained approximately 2500 mg of VITAMIN C (and that the current “modern” diet far less). A cup of orange juice is not enough. It is so little that even thinking that a daily slurp is enough is…. almost delusional. The human body over millenia was used to high levels of VITAMIN C and other natural phytonutrients, it needed C in higher levels than what we commonly see today in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

my ‘raw’ initial research notes on VITAMIN C appear below:

–ASCORBIC ACID aka L-ascorbate has a mirror image twin which has no physiological significance. In the body L-ascobate is a strong reducing agent. In order to be converted back into L-ascorbate from L-dehydroascorbate it needs the presence of GLUTATHIONE. (see WIKI)
–absence, deficiency causes scurvy. Dietary vitamin requirements were originally determined by the amount needed for “symptoms” to disappear. Anyone would understand that ‘teetering’ on the edge is NOT a healthy place to be. It gradually became clear that a different paradigm would be needed, yet people still seem to think that the absence of symptoms is enough.
–is a weak sugar acid structurally related to glucose.
–allegedly the controversy surrounding the quantity of VITAMIN C needed daily by humans was because other primates generally consume ten to twenty times what “governments suggest”. I dont think that is the only source of the controversy. Agrarian diets simply contained far more natural VITAMIN C than what we see and experience today.
–essential for the synthesis of collagen — is essential for the maintenance of blood vessels and cartilage.
–is an antioxidant.
–VITAMIN C is a natural anti-histamine. (and I thought I knew a lot about C, this was a surprise!)
–VITAMIN C is consumed rapidly during stress and infections. It is found in high(er) levels in immune system cells
–inverse relationship between VITAMIN C and cancer in men, (but not women).
–cofactor in at least eight other enzymatic reactions/systems
–study: C found to exerts anti-proliferative effects upon cancer cells. interferes with cell cycle by “inducing a G(0)G(1) arrest”
–study: pre-treatment with C results in greater sensitivity to anti-cancer chemotherapeutic drugs: Docetaxel, Epirubicin, Irontecan and 5-FU. Demonstrated straight line relationship between dosage and efficacy with 5-FU and Docetaxel.
–study: involving Lobund-Wistar rats, PAIII prostate cancer cells were implanted. These cells were hormone refractory. 30 days C was injected subcutaneously and on the 40th day the rats were “sacrificed”.
Primary tumors were found to be “significantly reduced in weight”.. and numbers. Inhibited metastases.
–study: showed synergy between ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL, VITAMIN K3 AND VITAMIN C. A long list of beneficial effects were observed. The combination of the three resulted in a cell death similar to autoschizis.
–study: synergistic effect seen in end-stage cancer patients between COENZYME Q(10) and other antioxidants. Those antioxidants were C, selenium, folic acid, and beta carotene. “Primary cancers were located in breast brain lungs kidneys pancreas esophagus stomach colon prostate ovaries and skin”. Survival time was increased 40% over expectations based on Kaplan-Meier curves.
–study: Nigerian patients were examined to determine the relationship between VITAMIN C and PSA levels. All patients had prostate cancer. “The results confirmed the depletion of antioxidants in PCa patients, and an inverse relationship between antioxidants and PSA values”. Note that conclusions were not drawn as to causal relationship, but what is unsaid is enough to generate thought regards to keeping VITAMIN C levels up during stress and after diagnosis with cancer. Not to mention prior to an unwanted diagnosis.
–study: to determine the effect of long term supplementation with VITAMIN E and VITAMIN C on prostate cancer risk. This study showed no effect on prostate colorectal lung or “other site-specific cancers”. I found this to be disconcerting but again these studies are very specific in what they study and as in others it has been shown that just a “generic” supplement (vitamin e vs alpha-tocopherol) or VITAMIN C without the many associated phytonutrient compounds eaten in WHOLE foods, generally cannot equal or reproduce the same beneficial results. It was also noted that the study involved approximately 14,000 men over the age of 50, initially. They were given 400iu of E and 500mg of C. Not enough?
–study: IV VITAMIN C was studied against 6 human prostate cancer cell lines. In concentrations that were “clinically achievable” five cell lines, those that were androgen independent, were shown to be sensitive to treatment with IV VITAMIN C. The LaPC4 line was the one that was insensitive. Cell death seemed to be dependent upon the ability of ASCORBATE to generate H2O2. It also was shown to deplete ATP…again resulting in cell death.
–study: International Head and Neck Cancer Epidemiology consortium: epidemiological study of the relationship to various vitamin or mineral supplementation found a relationship between VITAMIN C and CALCIUM intake and reduction of head and neck cancers.
–study: Sadly in an unusual study of VITAMIN C and breast cancer using food diaries NO connection was found. When one considers the modern worlds’ habit of under estimating VIT C “need” maybe there just simply wasn’t enough C in the diet of any of the women studied to show a relationship… I dont know.
–study: In a very curious interesting and to me slightly amusing study conducted in Korea among those who consumed the largest quantity of INSTANT NOODLES vs “the other kind”, it was found, as expected very large differences in nutrient profiles. VITAMIN C was one of the “victims”. Again, based on the premise that small changes, the pressure of one single feather, can make cumulatively BIG differences, I would suggest to not buy or consume “INSTANT NOODLES”.
–study: In a fascinating study conducted by NIH and the AARP it was premised that since colon cancer has a history extending over decades that diet in the ten years prior (and in childhood) may be associated with colon cancer risk. Well, guess what, inverse associations were found with VITAMIN A, and vegetable intake during adolescence. Inverse associations were found for the ten year period leading up to colon cancer for CALCIUM, VIT A, VIT C, and milk. Higher risk found for fat red meat and processed meat. Very puzzling to me was the inverse risk associated with milk consumption and rectal cancer. Considering the fats and currently believed hormones and antibiotics in the milk sold today, is there that big a difference between milk today and the milk of my childhood? Probably.
–study: IV VIT C was shown to improve quality of life among breast cancer patients being treated with chemotherapy.
–study: Use of VIT C and VIT E after breast cancer diagnosis was associated with decreased likelihood of recurrence.
–study: Use of a nutrient mixture containing VIT C, lysine, proline and GREEN TEA EXTRACT, “demonstrated a broad spectrum of antitumor activity against a number of cancer cell lines”. Specifically studied a human uterine sarcoma drug resistant cell line MES-SA/Dx5 and the drug sensitive MES-SA cell line. The researchers summarized “it can be concluded that [this combination] demonstrates potent anticancer effects in both the drug resistant and sensitive cell lines”.
–study: “ascorbic acid decreased expression of several Sp-regulated genes that are involved in cancer cell proliferation [hepatocyte growth factor receptor (c-Met), epidermal growth factor receptor and cyclin D1], survival (survivin and bcl-2), and angiogenesis [vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its receptors (VEGFR1 and VEGFR2)]” Occasionally I will quote directly, in this case because it is said better than I could ever say it.
from Nutr Cancer. 2011 Oct;63(7):1133-42. Epub 2011 Sep 15.

A glass of OJ is just not enough. A study on the phytonutrients available in ROSEHIPS, led me to include them in future research and the strengthening of my opinion that WHOLE foods provide better protection, better nutrition, and better cancer fighting ability than single isolated compounds. ROSEHIPS have a lot of VITAMIN C in them plus a lot of other phytonutrients. And again, here we see how small simple changes, from OJ to a VIT C supplement, or a VIT C supplement to one with ROSEHIPS can make a difference in the quality of life if not survivability when faced with cancer. Instead of a glass of cold water, pour yourself a glass of that ROSEHIP, CHAMOMILE and GREEN TEA you made earlier.

best of health to all for the New Year

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I FOUND THIS VERY RECENT REPORT INTERESTING SINCE I’ve already posted on the connection between red meat and cancer. 500,000 men were followed for an average of 9 yrs. When allowances were made for various factors the connection between highest red meat consumption and renal cancer was 19% higher than for people who consumed the lowest amount of red meat. This report appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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SOY ISOFLAVONES COMBINED WITH RADIATION IN THE TREATMENT OF NON-SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER AND ALSO PROSTATE CANCER make the cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation. The researchers indicate that the combination inhibits molecular survival pathways and DNA repair mechanisms activated by radiation. This effect only occurs in cancer cells not normal tissue. Soy isoflavones also act as antioxidants according to the report. We know that they do so much more…ESPECIALLY if you’ve been reading the posts in this blog.

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ONE OF THE DEADLIEST IF NOT DEADLIEST OF CANCERS, PANCREATIC CANCER IS SILENT. By the time it is discovered it has usually spread widely throughout the body. About 5% is the survival rate.

Researchers found that by reducing the levels of a cell surface protein N-cadherin interferes with the ability of pancreatic cancer cells to travel. Disruption of this protein prolonged survival in mice.

They found that the disruption slowed down the pancreatic cancer cells’ mobility, and prolonged survival in mice.

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